Our signature workshops are designed to blend our expertise of subject matter with your expertise of your business, teams, and culture.

We are always at the ready to deliver any of programs below as either (a) a facilitated leadership workshop or (b) an executive keynote.


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Crafting an Impactful Employee Experience

An impactful Employee Experience (EX) is neither a luxury nor an outcome of sizzly benefits. A true EX is defined by the conditions that allow our teams to Deliver, Develop, Connect, and Thrive.

When you get it right, your employees feel good. AND your customers are delighted, your topline grows, your NPS rises, your talent brand expands...and more.

In this program, leaders will:

  • Understand what drives the EX...and what doesn't

  • Learn the Four Quads Framework

  • Understand their role in shaping the EX of their teams

  • Learn to empower their teams to influence their own EX

  • Practice the tools that will bring insight and inform experiments that unleash the most impactful EX for your organization.


Leading Through Change

Change, as they say, is the new constant. Everything is change. And having the capability to lead our teams through it - with clarity, empathy, vulnerability and connection is the name of the game.

We don't always get to choose the change we're leading through. But we do always need to be ready.

In this program, leaders will:

  • Understand the role of a change leader

  • Reflect on why change is naturally hard - even when it's welcome

  • Learn a simple framework for leading through change

  • Practice using tools that will yield clear and impactful talking points and empathic engagement strategies

  • Learn to monitor, experiment, and celebrate wins along the way


Team Refresh and Renew

Whether you're a new team in the norming-storming-forming phase, or you're a tenured team looking to pause, reflect, and reinvigorate yourselves, a conversation with your team can be just the thing to get you on the path to success without overwhelm or burnout.

In this program, leaders will:

  • Learn the power of alignment, prioritization, and focus

  • Understand how to recognize what practices are of service and what may be detracting from or inhibiting success

  • Identify simple ways to communicate with greater clarity and transparency

  • Unify their team around a simple set of habits, practices, and actions designed to keep everyone steering in the same direction


Leading For Fulfillment

Research conducted by PWC demonstrates a clear correlation between employee fulfillment at work, and results and outcomes delivered.

This program harnesses the power of focusing on Relationships, Impact, and Growth in creating fulfilling experiences for teams who in turn are empowered and excited to deliver results to customers.

In this program, leaders will:

  • Learn what drives fulfillment and how that enables growth

  • How their own personal Social Style impacts the experience their teams have

  • Discover the power of the simple RIG model

  • Learn, discuss, and practice strategies that unleash fulfillment

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