Work with us!

There's more than one way to build an experience

All of our clients are seeking the same outcome: the delivery of an employee experience that drives both business results and human delight. While the mode of delivery may change, what remains the same - in every partnership - is the impact and our ethos which simply isn't negotiable.

Wondering if the time is right to call us? Here are some of the usual signals our clients watch for...



Talks that will inform, inspire, and empower action. Oh - and they're fun!



Interactive programs that build skill, facilitate practice, create peer accountability, and drive community.


Pulse Checks

Invite your employees to help define the ultimate experience...we listen, codify, and recommend solutions.


Retained Advisory

Let us guide your learning, development, talent planning, and employee experience efforts!



A wonderful way to kickoff an executive offsite, a leadership development event, or an internal conference, our keynotes blend information with story, research, real-life example, and a meaningful focus on taking action - leaning on what we can control (which is always more than we think)!

Watch a brief expert from our "Building Impactful Workplace Culture" talk.

Popular topics include:
  • Building Impactful Workplace Cultures
  • Retaining Talent in the Age of Great Resignations
  • Thriving in a Hybrid World
  • Leveraging Your Leadership Purpose + Style
  • Finding Balance in Uncertainty
  • Creating a "Speak Up" environment!



We don't do traditional "training." Full stop.

Training rests on an assumption that we "the trainers" know all the answers and you "the students" are here to learn passively from us. It presumes there is a right way, and we will bestow said way on you.

We do bring insight and information - but that's table stakes and not the outcome.  We work with you to build a capability - to begin with a foundation of learning (a tool, concept, framework, approach) and bring it to life through tools, dialog, shared learning, and action planning.

Depending on the transformation you're seeking, our workshops typically run for 90 - 180 minutes with up to 15 participants in a single session.

Already know what you're looking for? Check out our Choose Your Own Adventure option - build the experience you're seeking by piecing together existing content modules - no development needed!

It is always our pleasure to build a program to meet your needs. Or if you're looking for client faves, here are some of our most popular:

  • Building Employee Experience from the Ground Up

  • Leading Through Change

  • Establishing a Climate of Safety and Accountability

  • Reframing and Unleashing Innovation

  • Keeping Burnout at Bay 

  • Maintaining Purpose, Alignment, and Clarity 

  • It's Time for a Team Reset!

Pulse Checks


Maybe you're striving to enhance your Employee Experience. Or turn your leadership values into defined actions and behaviors. Or you're seeking ideas from frontline employees. You may have an annual survey that offers you a quantitative measure or benchmark. But what you really need is qualitative, actionable insight from your teams and leaders. Insights that emerge from engaging dialog with them. Let us be your engagers.

Our Pulse Checks are engaging, collaborative, inclusive, employee-voice-lifting means of truly asking, listening, and quickly turning insight into action into outcome.

Our process looks like this:

  1. We begin by understanding your question or hypothesis. What might be going on? Where might there be a crack or opportunity?

  2. We then design and facilitate a series of employee focus groups, we listen, capture, probe, clarify until we're satisfied they've been heard.

  3. Finally, we analyze, synthesize, craft the story of your employees' voices, and we present back to you an actionable set of findings and recommendations to move you forward. 

Here are a few of the questions whose answers we've provided with our Pulse Checks

  • What is the current "lived" or actual employee experience, what is the ideal experience, and what tangible actions, behaviors, tools, and resources would help us to close that gap?

  • We have a set of leadership values (which are essentially motherhood and apple pie). To bring these to life and hold leaders accountable to living them, what behaviors must we define and hold them accountable to?

  • Our Employee Pulse results have told us where we have problems. But we need your ideas and solutions on how to solve them. What do you need more/less of from leadership?

  • How can we break down silos and drive greater collaboration across our functions?

  • How is our balance of psychological safety with accountability and what can we do to bump both up to drive a culture of innovation and execution?

Retained Advisory

You've got the tools and talent required to deliver employee delight. But maybe a touch of external and objective wisdom - that advisor who can bring in current research and leading practices - is just the thing you're looking for.  If so, give us a buzz
We offer advisory packages in three and six-month increments. Typically we work directly with an HR executive and/or their team, advising on adventures such as...
  • Maximizing impact, engagement, and overall stickiness of internal learning + development strategies and programs
  • Developing talent planning and succession strategies and programs
  • Equipping and empowering business leaders to own and drive the Employee Experience
  • Coaching small cohorts of leaders through shared or similar challenges

When to call us


As a guiding principle, we work to build you up - not break you down. Cost-saving reorganizations, addressing deficient performance, resolving issues of unsafe workspaces just aren't our bag.

What is our bag?? We're so glad you asked! Here are just a few representative experiences we hope trigger your connecting with us:

  • Your talent is languishing, disengaging, or even leaving! And you need to understand why - and how to turn it around.

  • You've got a change to lead. But rather than alienating or disengaging your change-fatigued teams, you're ready to run this one with empathy in order to trigger collaboration and championship with your team!

  • Your teams seem unfocused or focused on the wrong things which limits the impact you're able to deliver.

  • Your employee experience is underwhelming

  • Your culture feels "off"

  • Leaders are well-intentioned but need a stronger leadership capability

  • Your teams are feeling underinvested in

  • Your executive leaders are strong individually, but they don't operate as a true leadership team