We've gone virtual!

The world has changed. Lucky for us, we lean into change. Times are complicated. But we take that as a challenge to find new ways of delivering real impact.

Historically, our sweet spot was delivering 1/2 - 2-day in-person workshops and executive offsites. Virtual facilitation was often a Plan B. A backup plan.

But no longer. Amazing things can happen virtually. Learning, discussion, and debate? Surer thing. We're just doing it a little differently.

Every program we deliver still brings our guarantee that each participant will be Informed, Empowered, and Equipped to do something differently that enhances your results.

But our format has changed. Could we still deliver a half or full-day program remotely? Sure. But that seems both cruel and unusual. 

So now our programs are delivered via modules and can include small group coaching cohorts to provide accountability, problem-solving, and momentum.

See our signature programs below. But whatever team or talent outcome you need - we can design the experience to deliver it. Give us a shout to learn more.

All modules below are designed to be delivered as a one-time 90-minute webinar for all participants, to be followed by 2 - 3 small-group virtual coaching cohorts. Reach out to learn more about how we are delivering.

For executives or leadership teams

Leading Change in Uncertain Times 

Change - whether strategic or unexpected - is in all we do. This program covers a simple framework for leading change, and provides tools and skills for engaging teams in a winning outcome.

Unlocking Your Next Big Ideas

Your team has amazing ideas. Product enhancements, operational efficiencies, ways to delight customers. Whether big innovations or small increments, every bit of wisdom counts. This program offers tools and a framework for ensuring the best ones rise to the top!

Delivering an Awesome Employee Experience (EX)

A positive and powerful EX is critical to retaining top talent,  maximizing collaboration and productivity, and inspiring employees to go above and beyond - truly delivering their best work. This program teaches leaders how to understand employee needs, and how best to deliver on them.

Build a Culture of Safety

Psychological safety is proven to be the number one driver of effective team performance. In this program leaders learn what it is, why it matters, and what actions and behaviors drive and support it.

For managers or teams

Boundaries and Balance: Keys to Success

When burnout and distraction are on high, no one wins. This program teaches simple strategies for honing in on purpose and key priorities, effectively managing everything else, and maintaining personal boundaries and wellness.

Do more with less

We're all being asked to do more with less. This program helps teams find new efficiencies - through prioritizing, collaborating, repurposing, leaning on their networks, and more. Simple strategies will help maximize output and impact!

Be a star communicator

This program covers communication in the broadest sense - from listening for clarity to asking great questions to delivering concise action-triggering messages, and persuading others to pay attention. It's a can't miss!

DIY Learning and Development

Learning and Development doesn't just come through formal programming. It can be crafted by anyone in many forms - from peer coaching to book clubs to lunch-and-learns to role plays... options are endless. This program provides a framework for identifying and achieving objecties on our own!

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