Let a Thrive Check Lead You to Success

time to check your thrive?

When teams are thriving - when the employee experience (EX) is positive and empowering, everyone can feel it. Talent and business metrics are healthy. Ideas are born.  Customers are delighted. 

Read more about how we make it happen.


We begin with a listen.

We've got expertise. And we promise to bowl you over with it. But first, we want to hear from you. What symptoms are you seeing? Are there problems with engagement or attrition? Is there a stagnancy of ideas? Are customers less than delighted by performance? Is there a culture of not speaking up? Has big change happened? 

You'll tell us about what you're seeing and experiencing. You'll share your hypotheses. You'll paint a picture of your vision. And this becomes our beginning.


We move quickly to insight

Yes we want to hear from you. But really, we want to hear from your teams. Whatever is holding them back, inhibiting ideas or performance, keeping them from delighting your customers - we need to hear it from them. Through focus groups, interviews, and any other data you deem necessary, we collect insights and ideas, we synthesize into key themes, and we deliver a package of insights to you.


We conclude with action and accountability.

Leveraging the insights from your teams, we conduct an action-planning session with your leadership during which ideas, suggestions and recommendations from the frontlines are translated into near and long-term action. We build a roadmap which is yours to own and implement. If you'd like additional support in getting it one, yeah - we can help with that too. But your thrive check leaves you in the drivers's seat: you'll have a meaningful action plan that will resonate with your teams because it's informed by their insights and recommendations. 

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