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Rachel's insight, her energy, and her playfulness with our team made this talk a win with BIG impact!

Senior Vice President, Financial Services organization

All of our talks are designed to inspire, equip, and empower an audience of leaders to craft workplace experiences that engage their teams AND drive business results. Oh - and we have fun along the way.

Each talk can be tailored to audiences of frontline, team, or executive leaders - and typically run from 45-90 minutes, pending your needs. 

Our most popular topics are below. Or we're happy to build you something brand new!

Your People Are the Point

Your products, your services, your intellectual property...are only as good as your people - your ambassadors, your deliverers, your thinkers and doers and creators. So let's be sure they're engaged and delighted and fully committed to the thinking and doing and creating!

This talk offers leaders a simple four-part framework for crafting employee experiences - with (not for) their teams such that talent wants to stay with your organization and delight your customers.

Leaders come away with clarity on:

  • What the four drivers of the employee experience really are

  • Which actions and behaviors they can demonstrate and take instantly to craft these experiences

  • How to regularly "pulse" their teams to see what's moving the dial and what needs further attention

See a snippet of this talk here.

The Magical Culture of Empowered Accountability

With blissfully rare exception, leaders mean well. They mean to set high standards and unleash their teams to take the ball and run. And yet, so often something is lost in translation. And the outcome is disappointing, or something goes off track - and we fall into traps of either blaming or babysitting or a blend of both. And nothing good comes from this!

If this sounds familiar, then a culture of Empowered Accountability is what you're seeking. It's the zone in which team members understand what's expected, feel responsible for delivering, and have the freedom, the space, and the permission to actually get it done!

Leaders come away with clarity on:

  • What constitutes true accountability (not blame!) and empowerment

  • Which actions and behaviors they can demonstrate and take instantly to enable both to be alive and well on their teams

  • How empowerment and accountability work in concert with each other to unleash a team's highest level of performance


Beyond Buzz: Real-Life Innovation and Experimentation

Every leader aspires to unlock innovation and creativity in their teams. But beyond encouraging people to "be creative" and "take risks," what mindsets, habits, and practices can bring such innovation to life? And what might we be doing to inadvertently hold such creativity back?


Whether you're seeking fresh ideas, new approaches, or just greater agility and flexibility in your workplace, this may be just the talk for you. 

Leaders come away with clarity on:

  • What organizational obstacles and constraints tend to inhibit innovation and experimentation

  • Which actions and behaviors they can demonstrate to begin to unlock the full creativity of their teams

  • What team norms and habits can keep the spirit and practice of innovation and experimentation thriving

Beyond Leadership Training...Now What?

You've invested in - or plan to invest in - some leadership training or development for your teams. The content was great. And now...nothing feels different. What can you do to bring those learnings off the page and into the day-to-day of your business?

In order for those who've attended a training to really begin to change their behavior, the leaders of those attendees must make changes to their own behavior in order to unlock real change.

This talk is designed for the leaders of those who will (or have already) participated in a leadership development session. 

Leaders come away with clarity on:

  • How to engage team members in dialog about their training before, during, and after - so it becomes part of the language of the team

  • How to create accountability for team members so that they actually practice what they've learned

  • How to understand what their team members need from them in order to be the most effective and "developed" version of themselves