Simplify to Amplify Group Coaching

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Lead with simplicity to amplify results

You lead a team. Oh- and you also have that day job.  Why is it so hard to find time to do both of these well?

Well, what if we told you that could unleash more growth, innovation, and results from your team if you just simplified the stuff of leadership? 

Being a great leader isn't about what you know. Well... OK - it's a little bit about what you know. But largely it's about what you do. That's why our approach to enhancing your leadership capability is a little bit about learning, but a lot about discussing, practicing, asking, experimenting, taking action, supporting your peers, and having clear accountability. 

Fortunately, we run a Simplify to Amplify Group Coaching program to make this happen for you!

Our Simplify to Amplify Group Coaching program is a highly interactive shared learning experience. It's not about teaching everything a leader could ever want or need to know. Instead, we use our SIMPLE* framework to focus leaders on 6 critical levers they might pull in service of amplifying their team's results.














Our Simplify to Amplify Group Coaching typically runs for three months (though can be tailored to your needs). Participants will experience:

  • Six 75-minute group learning experiences - one for each topic in our SIMPLE framework

  • Three individual one-on-one coaching sessions with the cohort facilitator

  • Six action challenges 

  • Ongoing email support

  • Ongoing group support

  • Accountability reminders throughout the program.

If you'd like a taste of the content, we invite you to join our FREE, six-week Simplify to Amplify challenge - which delivers micro-modules and a weekly challenge right to your inbox.

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