Pulse Checks

The pain

The remedy

The result

Something just isn't working at work.

  • Employee survey results aren't great...but you're not sure what action to take

  • Key talent is disengaged or leaving

  • There is friction between teams or functions

  • People are burned out and struggling to hold boundaries

  • People are executing...but not innovating!


You know you need to do something - but you're not sure where to start!

The Pulse Check is just the thing you need. It's our approach to strategically and empathetically collecting exactly the qualitative insights you need to inform your path forward!

Our process looks like this:

  1. We understand your question or hypothesis. What might be going on? Where might there be a crack or opportunity?

  2. We design and facilitate a series of employee focus groups, we listen, capture, probe, clarify until we're satisfied they've been heard.

  3. Finally, we analyze, synthesize, craft the story of your employees' voices, and we present back to you an actionable set of findings and recommendations to move you forward. 

You have a clear sense of direction - an actionable plan to move the needle and course correct.

Your team members feel heard, invested in, cared for. And they have a trust and confidence that action will follow.

You have access to their words - their language - so you're able to communicate back to them with real empathy.

You'll see ease, loyalty, engagement, creativity, and employee wellness all start to grow.

What better way to nourish and nurture your team or organizaiton?

Wondering if a Pulse Check is the thing you need? Please reach out today - no strings - to learn more!