About our workshops

 Our workshops are custom-designed to suit your team's reality, objectives, and style. 

We are happy to explore the possibilities with you - we can design to your needs.

Below, please find a sampling of work we've delivered to delighted clients.

Leadership Transitions

Moving into - and up through - leadership roles can be overwhelming. What "should" be intuitive often is not. This program provides some of the basics - mindset, skills, and tools - to help leaders at any level succeed.

Balance as a Business Driver

Finding balance at work is neither a  "nice-to-have" nor something for the weak. Here we redefine balance as establishing priorities, maintaining alignment, investing energy wisely, and focusing on the *right* work.

Own and Manage Your Personal Brand

How we are perceived at work plays a huge role in the opportunities afforded us. This is our personal brand. This workshop provides the insight, tools, and practice to empower individuals to understand what their brand is, define what they want it to be, and to create the shift they desire.

Build a Culture of SuperCandor

How do we get our employees to speak up? To ask questions? To give us feedback? To share their ideas? To feel safe and included? In this workshop we establish the imperative for SuperCandor - one of the greatest tools in our leadership arsenal - and focus on how to make it happen.

The Power of EX

Employee Experience is rightfully having its moment. It's a primary driver of talent attraction, performance, and retention. But what actually *is* it and how do we craft a positive one? This workshop answers those questions and many more - whether for leaders or for frontline employees.

Innovation is Everyone's Job

Here we discuss the essentialness of both moonshots and "soonshots" in business, establishing a case for an innovation mindset, and practicing the skills and tools that bring ideas big and small to the surface.

How to Leverage Your Team

Prioritizing, delegating...these can seem like dirty words. But when done wisely and strategically, they can help any leader unlock significantly more potential and contribution from their team. This workshop provides the tools and skills to help leaders maximize their talent.

Leading Change and Transformation

Change is the only constant today. We must always be evolving. This workshop focuses on providing leaders with the skills and tools to lead teams through significant change, as well as to keep an open dialog allowing for incremental evolution along the way.

Executive Presence

We know it when we see it. But how can we define and demonstrate it? In this workshop we teach a research-backed framework, and deliver the skills and practice required to bring EP to light.

Communicate Strategically

It's not what you say that matters. It's what's perceived. This workshop serves leaders striving to enhance engagement, collaboration, and creativity through the enhancement of key communication skills and strategies.