LeadForward Together Group Coaching


Why Group Coaching?

The world of work is forever changed. Leadership - true, impactful, above-the-noise leadership has never mattered more.

And yet. As Jim Collins once said, leadership can be learned, but it can't be taught.

We totally agree. So we don't do leadership training. We run a six-month cohort-based peer-coaching program. Our approach doesn't teach. It does provide:

  • Simple tools and frameworks leaders can action immediately

  • A safe forum for shared learning, dialog, support, and coaching

  • A means of collectively problem-solving challenging situations

  • Accountability for action

  • Self-awareness and motivation

Who is LeadForward Group Coaching For?

While the program can be impactful for leaders at any career stage, LeadForward Group Coaching is designed to target Emerging Leaders - those with roughly 1 - 4 years of people leadership experience.

Part of the beauty of the program's design is that it delivers a cohesive experience for leaders across functions and geographies.

Our recommended cohort size is 10 - 12 Emerging Leaders - this provides enough voices for robust discussion and collective problem-solving - but not so many voices that accountability gets lost. 

How is LeadForward Group Coaching Structured?

The LeadForward Group Coaching Program is designed to run for six months.  During the course of each month, participants will:

  • Receive communication from their LeadForward facilitator

  • Participate in a topical 90-minute learning session (not a training - but a tool or framework-based discussion)

  • Receive and complete a "homework" assignment, challenging them to apply a learning from that month's session

  • Participate in a 60-minute peer coaching session during which experiences in application are discussed, debriefed in service of peer learning

  • Be invited to communicate directly (via email or a Zoom chat) with their LeadForward facilitator as challenges arise

What Content Does LeadForward Cover?

Our goal with this program is not to cover every leadership topic under the sun. We've honed and sharpened our focus to a series of six topics that deliver maximum impact for participants. 

MONTH ONE: Know Your Style, Define Your Brand

MONTH TWO: Develop Authentic, Trust-Building Connections With Your Team

MONTH THREE: Align, Prioritize, and Lead With Purpose

MONTH FOUR: Develop a Climate of Safety and Accountability

MONTH FIVE: Drive Performance through Feedback and Coaching

MONTH SIX: Unleash Results through Delegation, Empowerment, and Targeted Development

Have a cohort of 10 - 12 leaders you believe might benefit from participating in a LeadForward cohort? Learn more about our program and our facilitators by connecting with us today!