How We Work

Part of what makes our work fun and exciting is knowing that every organization is different. Some companies just need a bit of inspiration or education - some simple tools and strategies to change behavior. Others are looking for regular coaching and support. And still others are seeking a true partnership in the face of a significant undertaking.

We love it all. So you stand right where you are. We'll come meet you there. If you're wondering where we specialize, check out Our Expertise. Whether your focus is on Crafting a Meaningful Employee Experience, Building an Inclusion Capability, or Leading Change in Uncertain Times... here are all of the ways we can mesh our expertise and wisdom with yours.

Keynotes + Workshops

Our keynotes and workshops are all grounded in impact, action, insight, and accountability. We inspire big outcomes but hone in on small actions.


Daily shifts, increments of behavior change - these can add up to big wins. We inspire and empower an audience to determine what changes they can make, and hold themselves accountable to doing so.

Ideal for organizations needing the tools and insights to pick up the ball and run with it!

Advisory Support + Coaching

Our retained advisory services and small group coaching cohorts are designed to enable collaborative problem-solving, scenario-planning, conversation design, and more. It's a safe space where leaders can bring real-time challenges and questions, or can bounce ideas off an expert to determine the best course forward.

Ideal for organizations ready to run...but wanting to know backup is there!

Consulting Partnership

Hey. You're committed to change. But you're busy!

Let us come in and drive change for you. We'll connect with your teams, we'll ask the questions, do the listening, extract insights, deliver recommendations, and help you craft an action plan that will unleash the outcomes you seek.

Ideal for organizations ready to lean on a strong partner.