Can we help you get started?

Here are some tools we've developed over time. We've tested them all with clients who have found them useful. We hope you have the same experience. Have any questions? Let us know!


Leaders' Guide to SuperCandor

A playbook for unleashing the best ideas and questions from your team

leadership hacks

Five Minute Leadership Hacks

Got five minutes? Here are some seriously simple strategies you can use to brighten someone's experience. Voila.

hunch innovation

Hunch Designer

This is our simple template to help you and your team implement small experiments based on observations and hunches!

employee experience

"My EX" Designer

Leaders. Great news. While you play a role in employee experience... so do your team members. Invite them to use this guide to define the experience they want to have!


Resilience Action Planner

Simple strategies for powering through any challenge big or small


"Let's Get Prioritized"

A leader's discussion guide to help facilitate an impactful prioritization session with one's team

learning from failure

Team Reflection Guide

We all pay lip service to the idea of learning from failure. So how about we do it for real? Let this guide lead the way.