Kickstart Your Employee Experience

This interactive program provides your HR team with the clarity, framework, and roadmap to kick your Employee Experience into high gear!


Hey. HR. Yoo-hoo. Leaders are looking to you


We all know the Employee Experience matters. But...what exactly is the Employee Experience - like what are its pieces and parts? How do we make, build, and polish it so it drives both talent and business results? Oh, and whose job is it?

This interactive workshop answers all of these questions and more. 

Beyond butts and feet...we want hearts and minds!


Too many companies aim for talent retention. As long as people aren't quitting, they must be delivering a top-notch Employee Experience, right? We want to raise that bar. The choice not to leave is a passive one. We want to help you craft an experience that captures hearts and minds. We want your employees not just to not-leave, but to stay. Fully. In commitment and loyalty, from an active desire to be part of your organization to serve and delight your customers and clients. THIS is the brand of Employee Experience we're here to help you build.

Soo...what are the details of this program?


WHO IT'S FOR:  A team or cohort of HR leaders (groups ranging from 6 - 20 people)  within your organization ready to lead the charge on crafting, lifting, shaping, or enhancing the Employee Experience

WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW: This program is delivered as two 90-minute sessions (with homework in between!) and is facilitated virtually via Zoom, whenever suits your organization!


WHAT PARTICIPANTS CAN EXPECT: This program is highly interactive and will leave participants with:

  • A clear and compelling business case for why the Employee Experience is critical for business success

  • A simple framework to define what comprises the Employee Experience (hint: it's not money, free food, or foosball)

  • An understanding of the role of HR, of leadership, and of employees in crafting and sustaining the Employee Experience

  • A roadmap for asking, listening, implementing, monitoring, pivoting...and more!