EX in 9: Small Group Coaching for Leaders


Because couldn't we all use a bit of support?

You've got the EX in 9 Canvas. Your leaders are ready to run with it. But wait. Wouldn't some real-time guidance, coaching, problem-solving, and accountability help maximize its impact?

We believe the EX in 9 Canvas is the best tool out there to support and empower leaders in making meaningful, positive changes to the Employee Experience of their teams.

But sometimes having the right tool isn't enough. Sometimes peer support, learning, and accountability are just the bump your leaders need to realize the full potential of the Canvas.

Enter our Small Group Coaching programs.

About Our  Group Coaching

When you bring us into your organization (virtually or otherwise), we help your leaders bring this EX in 9 Canvas to life over the course of four weeks.

What makes group coaching such an effective and engaging solution? We are so delighted you asked! Some of the raves we've heard include:

  • It's modular - so the learning takes place over four weeks, interspersed with real-life practical application. Easier on the schedule, and by the end, participants have already made change happen!

  • It's supportive - because participants have access to real-life coaching from our team and from their peers as they move through the program. So as roadblocks or questions arise, we crowdsource solutions and answers together!

  • It creates accountability - because each session ends with "homework" (the good kind!) that we discuss as a group in the following session. And no one wants to show up without homework in hand!

  • It's practical - because nothing is worse than a training session full of interesting information... that doesn't really apply to real-life situations. In our cohorts we discuss what's actually observable and happening in the moment with your teams.

  • It's connective - because through this program, leaders develop a sense of connection to the others in their cohort, while enhancing their connection to their teams as they move through the EX in 9 Canvas

Program Details

If you've made it this far down the page, then it's time to talk turkey. So here are some details:

  • The program is designed to accommodate cohorts of 6 - 10 participants 

  • The program runs for four weeks, requiring 60 - 90 minutes per week of coaching time, and 1 - 2 hours of "homework" or practical application

  • In addition to scheduled group coaching sessions, participants have email access in between sessions to a coach on our team to answer questions that arise

We'd love to answer any questions you have!

Just fill out a no-strings contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Program Overview


Our focus in week one is for leaders to:

  • Understand each element of the Canvas

  • Understand the Four Drivers of EX

  • Recognize their role in this process

  • Reflect on past personal experience...to inform their approach going forward


Our focus in week two is for leaders to:

  • Prepare for real dialog with their teams

  • Set the stage for candor

  • Plan the first meeting

  • Select the questions they plan to ask

  • Articulate their own hypotheses


Our focus in week three is for leaders to:

  • Prioritize key actions

  • Prepare - with details - to implement

  • Identify indicators to watch for


Our focus in week four is for leaders to:

  • Select one thing to action and implement it

  • Establish a cadence and commitment with their team

  • Begin monitoring, tweaking, and celebrating

OK...admit it. You're intrigued...right?

Reach out today. We'd love to listen to your needs. 

This might be the beginning of a beautiful partnership!