EX-Crafting: Small Group Coaching for Leaders


Why Focus on Employee Experience?

A well-crafted Employee Experience (EX) matters, full stop. It enhances innovation, belonging, efficiency, customer experience, and overall business outcomes. It is not defined by happiness or satisfaction, but rather by team, individual, and organizational abilities to deliver compelling results. Happiness and satisfaction become by-products.

But "well-crafted" is the key term.

EX is not the stuff of foosball tables and free food. It's not measured in hindsight via an annual, anonymous survey. A meaningful EX does not require million-dollar programs or culture overhauls. Nor is it designed "at the top" and cascaded through corporate communications.

Meaningful EX is evolved and iterated - collaboratively - through a series of conversations between leaders and their teams. It is driven by listening, by experimenting, by thinking locally, by starting with small wins and celebrating them. Over and over.

And amidst the uncertainty and anxiety of 2020, EX matters more than ever. A positive EX contributes to focus, engagement, a willingness to problem-solve, and comfort hanging in the ambiguity. Investing in it today will serve your customers and your bottom line in the short and long run.

Benefits of Group Coaching

Small group coaching is a wonderful way to gain skills, insight, practice, and support. Specifically, key benefits include:

  • Peer learning & support. Learning through dialog - not just formal education - creates stickiness and impact. You'll share experiences, learning and problem solving collaboratively.

  • Best Practice Sharing. Learn and share experiences with colleagues in other companies or industries that may apply in yours.

  • Practical application. Tools and strategies get applied in the "real world" throughout the program. Learning through doing is best.

  • Mutual accountability. Participants hold each other accountable for learning and action.

  • Distributed time commitment. Outside of the one-hour weekly coaching commitment, how much and what time you invest are within your control.

  • Ongoing email support. Have a challenge or a question? Send us an email and expect a response within 24.

Program Details

WHEN: This program will begin in September 2020, and will run for a total of five weeks.

WHO: Ideal participants are leaders of teams (of any size, in any industry) or HR Partners who believe a positive EX impacts business outcomes, can absolutely be influenced at the team level, and are ready to make amazing things happen with their teams.


COST: $1,200 USD pp (or $1,000 USD pp for 2 or more co-registrants) which includes:

  • an invitation to participate in five, one-hour weekly coaching sessions

  • becoming skilled in using our (1) EX crafting process and (2) our proprietary Four Quads framework

  • a users' practical toolkit (with tools that can be applied on the job any time)

  • unlimited email access to a professional coach

  • a completed EX plan (each participant will complete their own throughout the five-week program)

Program Overview

Week One is about building a foundation. Participants will meet each other, as well as the process, framework, and tools that will support them on this journey (during these five weeks and beyond!)

At the end of Week One, each participant will have a personal EX mission statement, a set of talking points designed to engage their teams, and an early set of hypotheses about where key opportunities lie.

In Week Two, participants will turn their hypotheses into a set of 4 - 6 key questions they will pose to their teams. These questions will be specific, targeted, and designed to both shed light on the current EX, and offer insight into how to close any critical gaps.

Each participant will conduct initial conversations with their teams, using the tools to guide the conversation toward vision, specificity, and meaningful actions.

In Week Three we share and discuss our findings. What did our teams tell us? What common themes have we found? The focus in this week is turning ideas and insights into observable actions and behaviors.

Participants will each draft an initial action plan based on team findings.

In Week Four, participants will share and review plans with each other for feedback, and common themes. Participants will reveal initial plans to their teams.

What responses did everyone get?


Where do participants have questions? Anxiety about implementing? How is everyone prioritizing? What measures of success are we defining? What does each participant need in order to be ready to implement?

In Week Five we begin implementing, focusing on real-time support, problem-solving, and reflection.

How will everyone commit to keeping this dialog alive with their teams? How will everyone solicit and respond to feedback? What early victories can we all celebrate together?

Week One

Week Three

Week Two

Week Four

Week Five

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