Employee Experience

Crafted in Moments. Not Moonshots.

A well-crafted Employee Experience (EX) matters, full stop. It enhances innovation, belonging, efficiency, customer experience, and overall business outcomes. It is not defined by happiness or satisfaction, but rather by team, individual, and organizational abilities to deliver compelling results. Happiness and satisfaction become by-products.

But "well-crafted" is the key term.

EX is not the stuff of foosball tables and free food. It's not measured in hindsight via an annual, anonymous survey. A meaningful EX does not require million-dollar programs or culture overhauls. Nor is it designed "at the top" and cascaded through corporate communications.

Meaningful EX is evolved and iterated - collaboratively - through a series of conversations between leaders and their teams. It is driven by listening, by experimenting, by thinking locally, by starting with small wins and celebrating them. Over and over. It is the cumulative conditions that enable teams to deliver, develop, connect, and thrive. 

To borrow a body metaphor, it's not about crafting the plan to lose 100 pounds. It's about losing one pound, celebrating, and doing it 99 more times.

When we work with leaders and organizations on crafting meaningful EX - whether we're delivering a keynote or a workshop, we're advising or coaching, or we're running the whole kit-n-kaboodle, we use a simple process and a simple framework (Four Quads).  

Our Process


Making real and impactful change requires a clear vision of your starting place. What does the current EX look and feel like? Candor reins here. All is valid.



There is no right EX. There is only the one designed to move your team or organization toward it's desired state. What would it feel like if you could wave a wand?  What would feel different, and how far are you from that today?



We ask targeted, meaningful questions grounded in our Four Quads framework. We want to hear the real deal - no detail too small - from people at all levels. Every voice counts.



The Four Quads inform where we hunt. But listening with open minds and hearts is where the magic lies. What are your teams saying? What aren't they saying? How can we translate these thoughts into actions?



Asking wisely and listening sagely will leave you with a deluge of ideas. Turning thoughts into actions, actions into behaviors, and finding priority and sequence? That's the next step. Where's the low hanging fruit?

What difference will you make today?



Bring the plan to life. But never have anything carved in stone. This plan should be agile. It should facilitate ongoing check-ins and dialog. What's working well? CELEBRATE and build on that. What's not? Be willing to pivot.


Four Quads Framework

While there is no universally agreed-upon definition or drivers of EX, our research combined with our hands-on client experience informs our strong belief that if you get the below right, you'll be delivering an EX that unleashes loyalty, engagement, and amazing results for your business.

Everyone you've hired has a job to do. You need their best work, and they want the freedom to do their best work. Quad 1 is all about enablers of - and distractors from - great work.

  • Are they empowered to make decisions

  • Are there broken processes not being fixed?

  • Are there bottlenecks in the system?

  • Can they try something new when stakes are low?

  • Does everything require permission or approval?

  • Do they have the tools and resources they need to do the job?


Delivering allows them to demonstrate their current skills and capabilities. But honing those and developing news ones are essential to their EX as well. This can be done with or without a development budget.

  • Do they receive meaningful, actionable feedback?

  • Are they being coached on what matters?

  • Do they see a future career path?

  • Are they being given opportunities to be challenged?

  • Do they have (or make) time to learn and grow - through formal programs or accessible resources (books, TED talks, webinars)?

  • Are they seeking on-the-job learning opportunities?


Connecting is all about belonging and meaning-making. Do they feel safe and connected to each other, to purpose, to organizational happenings? Do they have the information they need to make their own connections?

  • Do they feel informed in a transparent way?

  • Do they feel comfortable speaking up in meetings?

  • Do they know the right people in other parts of the organization?

  • Can they define their individual role in delivering company purpose and outcomes?

  • Will they raise the essential questions, poke holes, and state risks they anticipate?

  • Do they experience collaboration?


Thriving reflects the degree to which work fits into their lives - not the other way around. It's about the feeling - the sentiment they hold around team, job, and company.

  • Do they feel respected as a contributor?

  • Do they feel recognized for talents, efforts, and great work?

  • Do they feel a sense of control over boundaries?

  • Do they understand how to spot and manage burnout?

  • Does wellness feel like a priority?


Our Secret Sauce

EX is local

EX need not "start at the top." It can be crafted and influenced by leaders at any altitude.

EX is micro

Don't start with flash and splash. Pluck the ripest, lowest-hanging fruit and celebrate a small win.

EX is collaborative

EX should not be crafted for - but WITH your teams.

EX is iterative

Don't wait until you have it all figured out. Just get out there with something and tweak as you go.

EX is grounded in outcomes

Free food and foosball are fun. But what outcomes were they meant to drive? Begin with outcomes in mind. Choose actions and behaviors that support them.

EX is about dialog

It's not a program.It's a series of conversations that never quite reach a conclusion.

The following strategies are the secrets to our success...and yours!

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