About Lead Above Noise

Our Story

Our Story

All of our work - our keynotes, our workshops, our coaching cohorts and our offsites are grounded in these very beliefs. 

We get oh-so-clear on what you're trying to achieve as a business. What are your opportunities? What obstacles are you striving to overcome? What could your team achieve if its full potential were unlocked? What noise is holding you back?

Let us help you start to lead above it.

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Years of working in corporate Human Resources left Rachel with a set of beliefs that serve as our North Star:

  • Managing a team is table stakes. A leader's true superpower is in inspiring, empowering, and igniting meaningful results. It's what we call amplifying talent.

  • There is tremendous noise in the system, distracting all of us from delivering impact.

  • Equipping and empowering leaders to truly listen - to separate the signal from that noise - is the capability Rachel wanted to bring to the market. Listening lies at the heart of Our Expertise.