About Lead Above Noise

First, about YOU...

You're a corporate...

EXECUTIVE LEADER. You need something important to happen - your culture to shift, your employee experience to sparkle, your team to collaboratively design a plan of action they can execute swiftly and simply. You've brought in "traditional" consultants and you have the slideware to prove it. This time you need something different - impact, momentum, collective enthusiasm.

TEAM LEADER. You’re seeing burnout, turnover, stagnation of ideas. You see competition where you want collaboration; compliance where you want creativity; rule-following where you want risk-taking. You know your team has the potential to do more. And you’re looking for the unlock.

HUMAN RESOURCES LEADER. You need to build capability, deliver simple tools and insights, develop teams, create a coaching culture, and drive change. But traditional training hasn’t worked. You need something…different. Better. New.


Now, our story

Founded in 2015 by Rachel Cooke, Lead Above Noise was born from a belief that work...should just work better. It should be simpler, more joyful, and on purpose.

We believe in the power of virtuous cycles - not zero-sum games. It's not about investing in teams or results. Then teams are invested in they deliver results. 

So we began designing solutions that were simpler, more joyful, and on purpose...and we watched business results begin to soar. 

We've had a blast to date working with some amazing partners. We'd love to add your logo to our client gallery!


Meet Rachel Cooke, Founder


Rachel Cooke is the Founder of Lead Above Noise - a firm specializing in designing interactive experiences that rev up team performance within organizations.

She has partnered with clients including American Express, Cisco, Bloomberg, Wolters Kluwer, Scholastic Books, and more.

Rachel was named by Inc. Magazine as a Top 100 Leadership Speaker. Her collection of passions include leadership, employee experience, transformational change, and workplace success. She is the host of Macmillan's Modern Mentor podcast - a weekly show delivering actionable tips and insights for those striving to define and achieve their version of success.


Her work has been featured in such publications as Inc. Magazine, Thrive Global, Bloomberg Quint, Fast Company, Business Insider, HuffPo, and more.

Rachel holds her Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and her Bachelors Degree in Human Development from Cornell University.